"I have been working with Angela as my SAV mentor since early 2013.  Our first meeting took place on a weekend when I, as a novice, was spontaneously afforded my first audition.  In a moment’s notice, Angela took her personal time to deliver customized training for my audition.  Angela is the consummate professional.  Each lesson was well organized and patiently executed until we both felt my analysis, voice, and execution were at their best.  Moreover, Angela helped me to understand and apply the different voice inflections and reads that can vary the meaning and effect of one piece of copy; an essential skill for a great artist.  Angela delivers the constructive criticism necessary of a teacher as gentle guidance, such that one cannot help but improve in technique, knowledge, and confidence.  Angela supplemented my training with additional tips based on her extensive experience and expertise, taking my voice over acting to a higher level.  Additionally, she made herself available off line with timely responses to my questions.  The guidance Angela imparted had me knowledgeable, and therefore confident, in my first demo recording.  Going through the demo recording process with Angela as my producer/director, was so similar to how she executes her technique lessons, that my first recording effort was comfortable and fun!  Finally, one cannot help but immediately notice Angela’s remarkable voice.  She could read a line of copy and give me a Eureka! moment to help me best understand how to execute it.  
I can’t imagine learning more, enjoying the learning process more, or having a greater first recording experience than under Angela’s tutelage.  She brought out a range in my voice that was beyond my expectations.  I will continue to seek her guidance in my growing career, and I will gladly attribute my success as a voice over actress to the strong foundation Angela has provided as my mentor".

Lisa M. SAV student/voice talent

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